Matthew Reilly



I'm a D.C.-based designer and developer.

I'm currently available for freelance projects.

Recent Work

Here is a sampling of what I've done in the past few months.

Infographics Web UI Web Design Mobile UI



My skills in illustration and traditional drawing and painting allow me to create beautiful information visualizations.

All illustrations are custom and built in Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop.

Web UI

My background in both Art and Computer Science allows me to tackle UX and design in unique ways. From prototypes to final jQuery-powered HTML and CSS, my goals are two-fold: beauty and ease of use.


Good design is simple, attractive, and easy to understand.

My education - a combination of both Art and Computer Science - is a key player in how I approach my work. Because I am skilled in both design and development, I can tackle problems in unique and interesting ways.

Experimentation and creativity, core factors in any Art education, play huge roles in my current design procedures. Techniques learned in drawing, painting, and photography all contribute to my work.

I also have 5+ years working in development environments, from C++ to XML. Right now, I'm working in jQuery and Java in both web and Android projects.

My Resume (pdf)


Application development for Android phones has been a side project for the past year. With my knowledge of Java and XML, I taught myself the Android SDK and began developing several apps.

As a designer, I was focused on creating beautiful, easy-to-use apps for Google Play.

Web Design

A have been a freelance web designer for the past 3 years. My clients range from small start-ups to international companies.


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